As I write this I’m realizing I took a one-way flight to Boston nearly 7 weeks ago. That means I can soon say I’ve lived here for 2 months. Surreal. It’s hard to think about this period of time without feeling overwhelmed by all of the emotions I’ve had! Let alone all of the boxes I’ve unpacked. I don’t think I ever let myself truly try to imagine what this move would entail or feel like. Of course, I did spend months dreaming about my morning ritual of drinking coffee and perusing the absurd amount of food blogs I follow. Luckily, that one dream does in fact come true just about every day here.

+ beloved morning routine +

So far I think about this time in segments. I told a friend the other day (yes! I have friends here!) that I’ve been operating kind of like a man…compartmentalizing each of these experiences because I can only handle so much at one time. That came out wrong. But you know what I mean.

+ fridge wisdom for this new season +

Anyhow, I think it’ll be easier to sum up Boston so far in a simple rambling of words. Bear with me: air mattress, boxes, Ikea, bubble wrap, work, class, reading, writing, underlining, the library, the T, walking, rain boots, leather boots, UGG boots, Zipcar, Trader Joe’s, coffee, sun, rain, snow, scarves, Hulu, yellow pot, cookbooks, wine, laughter, tears, Skype, pictures, worrying, relishing, humidifier, coin laundry, JP Licks, Coolidge Corner.

+ my T stop +

I’m pretty darn excited to see what my next list of words will include.