Mama and Popsicle. I have the best parents in the whole wide world. They came out to Boston for 3 days to help me move into my new apartment and I’m quite sure I would’ve gone crazy (well, more than usual, anyways) if they hadn’t been here. Mom graciously tagged along to Ikea and Home Goods and Target. Dad selflessly stayed home to clean blinds and assemble furniture and even vacuum. And even until the bitter end they offered nothing but positive support and an upbeat spirit. Neither of which, I must admit, I always had to offer.

When they left I felt an instant hole created by their absence. So, walking to class that first day I got an idea to try to continue sharing my time here with them by taking a picture every day. Thus “Boston today.” was born. One picture taken every day and posted on Facebook to give daily glimpses into this new season in my life. People keep telling me they’re really enjoying them, so I keep taking them! I’m also excited to have a collection with me forever, always able to remind me of what this year (and longer) was like.


Boston today.