Everywhere I turn these days Boston offers signs of spring and warmer days to come. Blossoming white trees. Bulbous red tulips. Cheerful yellow daffodils. Crazy short-wearing undergrads. It’s not that warm yet.


Even inside the walls of the supermarket spring seems to have sprung. My farmers’ market is not scheduled to begin until June. Cue tears and sniffles of a spoiled California girl. But at least the market offers a cornucopia of spring colors that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s usually around this time of year when I wish I could healthfully transform my fruit and vegetable intake into a 100% fruit-filled diet. Mmm. Seriously counting down the days ’til that farmer’s market.



This past weekend Easter provided me with the perfect excuse to buy an excessive amount of beautiful fruit to offer my Easter dinner companions. I decided to spend an hour slicing and turned this bowl of deliciousness into a fruit salad that highlighted everything good about what was included. The harmony of sweetness and tang from the plums. The perfect amount of crunch from the apple pears. The whimsical seeds and tropical notes of the kiwis.



Once everything was sliced, including my thumb (ouch), I added the fruit to a mixture of equal parts honey, brown sugar, and lime juice. Sounds amazing, right? Thankfully, it was. The sugar from the honey, and, well, from the brown sugar itself, and the acid from the lime juice married perfectly.



Wherever you are, I hope that signs of spring are offering you a sense of hope and a feeling of rejuvenation for this new season.