I tried a new yoga studio a few weeks ago. I had been slowly realizing that among the many things that felt like they were missing from my life of late…family, sun, beach, my dog, farmers’ markets…yoga was included. I’m learning that after a big transition it takes a long time to not only feel remotely comfortable in your new place but also to begin building some kind of routine.



Yoga helps. As I was happily sweating away in uncomfortable positions during the class I tried, the instructor encouraged “the regulars” to shake up their practices by trying some new positions, getting out of their routines to challenge their minds and bodies in new ways. “Sometimes a break from normal is exactly what we need,” he said. I couldn’t help but think that what I needed in that moment wasn’t a break from normal, but a whole new normal.


Good friends help. On the days when I feel like I’m barely surviving this new season of my life I realize that I wouldn’t be surviving at all if it weren’t for the wonderful friends who welcomed me in Boston with open arms. Two families, each with the most adorable toddler girls, have taken me under their wings and ensured that I can in fact strive to find a new normal here. During a season when I face tiring encounters with new things nearly every single day, their support and encouragement and offerings of safe spaces that I, too, can call home are tremendously generous and helpful.



So, a few weekends ago I escaped my new 1 mile radius life…home, school, work, Trader Joe’s…and made my way outside the city to K & D’s home in Wellesley. We strolled through a park nearby, threw stones in a pond, sipped cider and caught up over some much-needed comfort food. It was equally fun and therapeutic. A wonderful break from what is, apparently, my new normal.